Brabant congratulates the Solar Team Eindhoven

Brabant congratulates the Solar Team Eindhoven

Brabant congratulates the Solar Team Eindhoven on winning the Crunchies Award 2014 for the Stella, the first solar-powered family car. This annual international award from the two major international technology websites TechCrunch and VentureBeat is considered to be the ‘Oscar’ of technology and the ceremony too k place on Thursday in Silicon Valley, San Francisco. The Solar Team Eindhoven beat four world-leading projects from Apple, SpaceX, Bitcoin and the European Space Agency.

Success through collaboration
The Solar Team Eindhoven consisted of twenty students from the Technical University of Eindhoven and the Stella was developed in cooperation with B rabant companies including NXP, Philips and Segula. Their mission: to make driving in the fut ure clean, safe and simple for everyone. For this, they developed and built the Stella, the first luxury car powered by solar energy.

The Stella is fast, comfortable and practical and that is what makes the Stella a winner. This powerhouse can drive 500 miles on a fully charged battery. The Solar Team Eindhoven has brought us closer to energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly driving.

The fantastic performance of the Solar Team Eindhoven is a wonderful example of where cooperation between Brabant universities, companies and local governments can lead. Together they form the Brabant DNA of which we are proud. The su ccess of this cooperation confirms the excellent international reputation of Brabant as European leader in the field of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship. That is why Brabant is known as ‘Europe’s heart of smart solutions’!

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