Brabant phenomenal scores in The Foreign Direct Investment-ranking

Brabant phenomenal scores in Financial Times ranking

Brabant the best region in Western Europe for foreign investors!
Brabant has achieved phenomenal scores in the Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) ranking ‘Cities & Regions of the future 2014 - 2015’

Brabant has been chosen by the The Foreign Direct Investment Agency as the region with the best investment strategy for attracting international investors in Western Europe (Top 10 Western European Regions - FDI Strategy). After having been proclaimed ‘European Entrepreneurial Region of the Year 2014’ at the end of last year, Brabant is once more among the international winners. 

Besides this fantastic position, Brabant also achieved first place in the category ‘Top 10 Mid-Sized European Regions - FDI Strategy’ and second place in the category ‘Top 10 Regions Overall - FDI Strategy’. Not only has Brabant been very successful, Brainport Eindhoven has also achieved an incredible score. The latter is on its way up in the top three in the overall category of the most attractive European cities in which to invest. Eindhoven shares third position with London and Helsinki.

Brabant’s approach successful
‘I am very proud of the excellent Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) rankings for Brabant’, says Bert Pauli, North Brabant's Minister of Economic Affairs. ‘They are international confirmation of the fact that Brabant’s approach is successful. In Brabant, entrepreneurs, education and the government work together in national and international networks to promote innovative entrepreneurship. This unique cooperation makes Brabant one of Europe's leading regions for innovation and expertise and results in an attractive business climate for investors. This recognition by the Foreign Direct Investment is the ultimate accolade for the work of the Brabant partners.’


Brabant’s high fDi rankings show that its efforts to attract and facilitate foreign investments are bearing fruit. Its new hands-on strategy is making an important contribution in this respect.

This strategy focuses on specific regions, leading sectors and desirable business activities in the countries that are most important to Europe, the Netherlands and Brabant in terms of foreign direct investments. ‘We create, build and maintain partnerships so that we can provide international companies that want to invest in Brabant with the best possible skills and expertise’, explains Eelko Brinkhoff, Director of the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) Foreign Investment. ‘So we are very proud that the expert jury has acknowledged Brabant’s fDi strategy as the best in Western Europe.’

In Brabant, investors have access to 170 million customers with the world’s highest GDP within a radius of 300 kilometres and 300 million customers within a radius of 500 kilometres. Furthermore, 50% of all R&D expenditure in the Netherlands is spent in Brabant.

International centre of expertise
These rankings are awarded by an independent international jury to cities and regions in the fields of economic potential, human resources, quality of life, infrastructure, cost efficiency and a business-friendly climate. The foreign Direct Investment Agency is a division of the Financial Times and is reputed to be the largest global centre of expertise in foreign investment. It publishes a biennial ranking of the most attractive European cities and regions for international companies and organisations to invest in.

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