Brabant's economic potential is huge. It is one of the Netherlands' primary locomotives in the field of business development, and plays an indispensable role in the international market. 

The remarkable position of Brabant is largely due to the numerous Dutch and international companies that have established in the region. Aided and assisted by the ingenious utilisation of the province's unmistakable qualities, they have made Brabant what it is today.

Brabant wants to stay a top knowledge- and innovation region, with a beautiful green living climate. It is important to attract capital, labour and manpower to stay in this position.

BOM Foreign Investments

Goirlese Weg 15
5003 DE, Tilburg

The Brabant Chamber of Commerce

J.F. Kennedylaan 2
5612 AB, Eindhoven

The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER)

Bezuidenhoutseweg 60
2594 AW , The Hague

Expat Center Brabant

Stadhuisplein 128
5038 TC , Tilburg

Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics

Princehagelaan 13
4813 DA, Breda

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Prinses Beatrixlaan 2
2595 AL, The Hague

Brainport Eindhoven

Emmasingel 11
5611 AZ, Eindhoven

Holland Gateway

Schiphol Boulevard 167
1118 BG, Schiphol

Facts & Figures

Source: Kijk op Brabant

Foreign Direct Investments

Brabant 242 projects 6.693 jobs
Ile de France 1.945 projects 40.848 jobs
Praha 264 projects 11.197 jobs
Hamburg 203 projects 8.176 jobs
Pohjoïs-Ja Itä-Suomi 10 projects 386 jobs


Agriculture 13,99%
Nutricion 26,88%
Materials 18,20%
High Tech 20,56%
Chemicals 23,72%
Energy 18,52%
Logistics 11,01%
Business services 15,19%
Other 16,34%


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